The many faces of Rick Stone

Looking for Rick Stone?

If you’re looking for the jazz guitarist from NY, sorry he has passed away. More on him can be found  here.  also here . I aquired this site after his people let the domain name  expire in June of 17. My name is also Rick Stone. I also am a musician,  author and  a tech/political analyst. You can view my work at RickStone.Org


I will be continuing my work from here and I hope you will follow me in my journey into the foray of analytical assessment of our nation, its leaders and laws and how  it affects our daily lives. In a world of biased media and corrupt politicians someone needs to try to make sense of the madness we call home. Although I have strong opinions I do indeed try to base my rational not from the left or right but rather the means to an end attitude. There are solution to our problem that don’t imprison us or cost us money and they should have a loud and visual platform.

Rick Stone’s of the world unite

Is your name Rick Stone?


I have owned RickStone.Org/ Net for years and have often been asked or had inquiries into “other” Rick Stone’s. I have often thought of creating a place where we could all be recognized but have never done so…. until now.

With my new .com I feel obligated to let other Rick’s have a platform if they so wish. So I will be creating a special place where all the other R Stone’s can make their presence known.

Stay tuned folks it’s about to get crowded in here.