House Judiciary Republicans Call For Second Special Counsel To Investigate Clinton, Comey, Lynch

Can This Happen?

After months of silence some members of congress are getting worried about their political survival. The ringing in the halls of congress remain from the chants of the American voters. One echo rises up to point a clear path of the upcoming mid term elections.


My take is that unless Trump dumps Sessions this is a pipe dream. Good ol boy Jeff Sessions lives by the senate code of not attacking one of their own. Remember the days of hillary in the senate? All these politicians that have made a life long career of raping middle class America and pumping up our police state must, I repeat MUST be removed from office. The Judicial system icon of a blind eye turned on equal scales must be re-established in our judicial AND political system to overt dire consequences. This is the hope of middle America that has been intrusted to team Trump. At this point due to players such as Session, Mccain, Ryan and Mcconnell the flag pole of our glory is sinking in the muck and mire that is the Washington Swamp.

Rise up people in one voice and shout down every political hack that permeates the stench in the halls  of our governance. Call, email post and blog our demands, we can get this done.


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